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New For 2019
For groups beginning 1/1/19 and later
the new Medical FSA cap is $2700 per year.

Let Us Handle Your COBRA Administration!



Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you with ongoing new hire and qualifying event notifications.

(800) 615-2797 ext 15


Do you have sensitive information to send to PAI?

Send us a Secure Upload

While it is best to send us information through your Secure Upload logged-in page, this page allows anyone to send information to Precision Administrators, Inc. quickly, easily, and securely.


Contact us today at or (800) 615-2797 to find out how we can improve your benefits offering, provide compliance assurance. Let us save you time, energy, effort, and even money!


The benefits of offering a Section 125 plan is our newly designed user portal.  Your old links to will continue to work.

Your Prepaid Benefit Visa® Card may look like either of these:

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