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About Us




PAI  was founded in 1988 by Jerry Edwards with a mission to serve businesses–small and large–by administering Section 125 Cafeteria Plans and helping clients navigate the world of employee benefits.  Mr. Edwards’ professional background in the insurance industry gave him insight into the challenges businesses face when attempting to administer employee fringe benefits.  After years of seeing companies struggle with in-house administration of Cafeteria Plans, Mr. Edwards identified the need to establish a firm that specialized in Cafeteria Plan Administration in the Oklahoma/Texas Region of the country.

Over the years, PAI’s capacity to develop strategies that conform to ever-changing changing laws and regulations, while providing a manageable and flexible administration platform for its customers, has made PAI one of the most recognized Third Party Administrators (TPA) in the region.  
Our mission is to meet our customers’ needs in an efficient, professional manner while staying abreast of regulatory requirements and technological advancements within the industry so that employers and employees can benefit from our specialized knowledge and experience.

PAI's specialty is the administration of Health and Dependent Care Reimbursement Account Administration.  After over 30 years in service, we continue to be one of the very few TPAs that processes and pays reimbursement requests on a daily basis.  As the industry has changed, PAI has broadened its administration expertise to include the administration of Health Reimbursement Arrangement Accounts (commonly known as HRAs) and COBRA Administration for our customers’ payroll deductions.

PAI is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and serves customers all over the United States.  We maintain a strong relationship with nationwide carriers such as Allstate, EMC National, Vision Benefits of America, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Madison Dental and PacifiCare, to name a few.

Contact us today for more information on how we may serve your needs.