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Health Reimbursement Arrangement Accounts

An HRA Account is set up by the Employer to offset the cost of a High Deductible Health Care Plan for their employees. These accounts are funded solely by tax-deductible Employer Contributions and the contributions required are funded on a post-claim basis. Through careful consideration of the current Health Insurance Plan, PAI can help you determine if this would be a cost effective benefit to offer your employees.

Typically, the Employer will post a minimum Escrow which is deposited in our Trust Account so that we have the ability to pay eligible claims as they are presented without disturbing the Employer for each claim payment. 

Under an HRA Plan, the Employer determines what items are eligible for reimbursement and at what rate (100% or a given percentage determined by the employer). Many employers require that the employee be responsible for some portion of the deductible before access to the HRA Benefit is allowed. 

Covered employees must present eligible documentation (such as an EOB) that falls within the parameters of the Plan-Year prior to the Employer funding the claim before they can be reimbursed.

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