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How Do I File a Claim?

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Claims for Health Care Reimbursement (HCR), Dependent Care Reimbursement (DCR), and Health Reimbursement Arrangement Accounts (HRA Claims) may be filed manually for reimbursement or electronically with the use of a Prepaid Benefit Visa® Card (if offered). 

Manual Claims:  Claims may be filed manually by submitting a claim with supporting documentation to our office via standard mail, fax, or secure e-mail. Manual claims may take up to two business days to process and pay.  

Manual claims may be submitted only if you have not used your Prepaid Benefit Visa® Card to pay for the qualified service or product.  

Submit your manual claim with a completed claim form to:

    Precision Administrators, Inc.
     3240 W. Britton Road Suite 202
     Oklahoma City, OK  73120
     Fax 405-507-0700

The claim form must be filled out in its entirety, signed by the claimant and must be accompanied by an itemized receipt.  IRS regulation requires the itemized receipt to include the following information: 

  • Date of Service
  • Type of Service
  • Cost or patient responsibility

Our Claims Department will not process your claim if the above information is not included in your receipt.

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is an excellent source of documentation for a reimbursement request.   If you have contracted a service with a provider, such as an orthodontist or chiropractor, PAI will require a copy of the contract or payment agreement as well as proof of payment.  The reimbursement request is allowed only if the treatment/service is incurred during the plan year in which you are requesting reimbursement. If the treatment/service is ongoing or continues after the expiration of the current plan year's grace period, proof of continued service will be required.

PAI  processes manual reimbursement claims every business day. The quickest way for you to receive your funds is by signing up for electronic or ACH Deposit. Please submit an ACH Form directly with your claim request.  (Insert ACH Credit Form)

If you choose to receive your reimbursement via manual or paper check, PAI makes no guarantee of the arrival of the funds. PAI utilizes USPS to deliver reimbursements. Unless directed otherwise by your employer, the reimbursements are mailed to your Employer's Address.  

If a Stop Payment is requested on a check, the $25 fee is deducted from the original gross amount of the claim check.

Dependent Care Reimbursements

Dependent Care Reimbursements are processed as payroll contributions are received from your Employer. Under IRS Regulations, Dependent Care Reimbursements can only pay out the available balance in your account as of the day of the request for reimbursement.

If your Day Care Provider accepts credit card payments, you may be able to utilize your Prepaid Benefit Visa® Card at your Dependent Care Provider.  Please be mindful that the transaction will only process for the exact amount available in your Dependent Care Account on that day.  Please retain the itemized receipt from your Dependent Care Provider for your own records. 

If you choose to file for reimbursement manually under Dependent Care, the most efficient way is by filing a "Annual" claim at the beginning of the plan year.  PAI requires a claim form in its' entirety with a copy of a statement from the Day Care Provider. You will need to annualize the requested reimbursement amount on the claim form.  We will process your reimbursement for the exact amount of your payroll deduction each time a contribution is received from your employer. 

For more detailed information on completing your claim form, please Click Here.